Websites one page or as they are also called Landing Page appeared not so long ago, every visitor of the Internet at least once visited such a resource. These are sites consisting of a single page, the visitor scrolls down, getting the necessary information. The main difference of Landing Page from the usual business site is that it has a minimum of functional and structural elements. In fact, the goal of a landing page is to sell. This is their main and primary goal. Such sites emerged at a time when researchers and marketers have analyzed the statistics and behavioral factor of visitors to standard sites and concluded that the user is interested in only a few significant factors. So sites got rid of the tinsel and became minimalistic, consisting of one page.

What does a Landing Page

For modern Landing Page are characterized by the following components and combinations.

  • Title, which attracts attention. Is the name of the site, a product or service, helps the user to understand that this is what he was looking for and stay on the site.
  • Picture, slider or video – most often located in the main (top) part of the lending, so that the lazy user who does not want to read, understand that he came to the right place.
  • Unique selling proposition – this is most often information about a product, service or infoproduct, describing its features and benefits.
  • Customer feedback. Lately, there’s a tendency not to trust the usual testimonials on the weblinks, so customers get sophisticated and get video testimonials, audio testimonials, and scanned handwritten reviews from their customers.
  • Feedback (form for leaving contacts).
  • Button for action “Buy”, “Order”, “Checkout”, “Participate”.
  • Buttons of social networks (located in the footer), privacy policy, copyright sign.

Examples of Landing Pages

Advertising landing pages contain a lot of information about the product (often this information is unique and structured, useful for the reader). The visitor of this page makes a purchase only because he spends a lot of time on the site and would like to justify it.

Goji berries

Examples are the numerous pages created to sell healthy products and supplements for weight loss, health or beauty. This site sells goji berry capsules. Despite the fact that the berries themselves can be bought much cheaper, here the information is presented from the perspective of the undoubted benefits and unique composition of this drug.

Beaver’s jet

Here is, for example, a site devoted to the sale of biologically active substance – beaver jet. I can confidently assume that many readers up to this point did not even know about such a substance. The peculiarity of this webpage can be considered a large amount of textual information, which is useful for the reader.


Another example is an informational advertising page dedicated to the sale of economical light bulbs. Much attention is paid to information about such bulbs, as well as calculations with visual savings.


A classic example of promotional banding – a site for the sale of gyroscooters. There are several models, there are photos, videos, summary tables with characteristics, reviews, and, of course, buttons to buy the product.


Consider an example of a landing page, which is created by professional marketers to analyze the demand for a particular product or service, the formation of a marketing strategy. A successful example can be considered the Beeline company’s landing page. Pay attention to the minimum of information and focus on a specific group of customers.


No less professional can be considered a Tinkoff bank’s webpage, created for a specific request (credit cards).


From foreign practice it is impossible not to note the design of the landing pages of the company Apple. Minimalistic modern design with the ability to be the first to learn about the corporation’s new products.


A separate type of landing page can be considered a viral page. For example Pepsi company in Ukraine launched an interesting project – a site where one could answer the offered questions and add his photo.

After passing the test and uploading a photo, a time machine appeared on the site which sent the visitor back in time. The result was humorous photos with the names of professions, which could be shared on social networks with hashtags.


A viral landing page can be useful to the user. For example, this site is a virtual fitting room for eyeglasses. Such a landing page could easily sell famous brand eyewear or copies.

Pokemon Go

The now famous online game Pokemon Go is also built on the principle of viral marketing, who knows, maybe it will inspire you to create a landing page in which visitors will look for small and rare Pokemon on the map?

Landing Page Trends and Prospects

The major trend of landing pages in 2016 can be called the introduction of viral marketing. The owner of the site is important not just to get visitors, but to get them to share information about their site in social networks, with friends, in private messages. There is also a noticeable trend to the choice of minimalist design, dictated by the fact that the user does not want to wait long for the page to load. Focusing on the mobile version of the banding is also important, as more and more people are using smartphones for web surfing.

Visual effects, which were popular in 2015 and 2016, remain in demand and are improving. In TemplateMonster’s catalog of fresh templates of landing pages you can find bold, modern solutions for a variety of businesses. There is a trendy parallax effect, which gives the page dynamism, adaptive design – beautiful on all devices, a variety of types of animation, background video, Lazy Load. Also, users can without.

Easily implement on their sites a variety of functionality – online chat, gallery, calculator, and so on.