Today I want to share with you my most interesting experience, which simply turned my worldview upside down. I am still a little perplexed – on the one hand, it was so easy, and on the other hand – mega effective! I have only one question – why didn’t I know about it before! But first things first. I am a freelance designer with 15 years of experience. I have countless clients under my belt. And I have created so many groups in social networks that I lost count long ago. But over the last couple of years I, like everyone working on the Internet, began to have these thoughts: “It’s so hard to find new clients now!”, “The competition in the designer market is too big!”, “Yandex Direct is eating up my entire advertising budget!

Prospects seemed vague, all methods, as it seemed to me, I have already tried, and the strength and energy to come up with something new is no longer there. I wanted to be in the good old days, when customers themselves went endless stream from different places. But those times, unfortunately, are long gone. Now most of the time you have to spend on promotion and advertising.

How I Easily Increased My Design Sales by 300%

What is CRM

And then, a friend of an entrepreneur advised me to try a new MLM service, which had just opened on the runet. No doubt the personal recommendation of a friend and his acquaintance with the founders of the service played a big role here. It was then that I first heard the word CRM, which I did not understand.

I Googled and found out that CRM – Customer Relationship Management – is a service for organizing a database of contacts and strategies of interaction with customers in order to increase sales.

Contact systematization

At first I gave a hostile reception to the idea of organizing contacts. I had a very useful scheme of interaction with contacts which suited me fine. All my contacts were scattered in their locations – messengers, contacts in the phone, dialogs in facebook and facebook, mail, groups, correspondence on my site.

I was skeptical of newfangled innovations and preferred to act the old-fashioned way. So, at some point I had to make an effort to overcome my rigidity in order to try something new. And I am so glad that I did!

After figuring out how it worked, I started putting all my contacts into the system with the tenacity of a maniac. I scrolled through endless tapes of conversations, I refreshed my memory of contacts from seven years ago. I remembered all the good times I had had working with clients. And, oh my God! At some point I realized that I really had a treasure behind me! All those faceless contacts suddenly ceased to be an impregnable rock and turned into my priceless treasure, my dear customers and clients!

How I Easily Increased My Design Sales by 300%

Analyzing and Making Lists

Great! Encouraged by this feeling I began to analyze and structure my entire contact database. I had several lists, according to different directions – those whom I had made groups in different social networks, those who had the intention but did not manage to work together, those who I consulted on web design, those who I worked with on my site, people who offered me different services or options for cooperation.

Then I assigned different markers to the lists to make it easier to group them together. And I also made notes for each client regarding the topic, timing, and outcome of the interaction.

An offer for a specific group

My next step was to create a coherent offer specific to each group. This was extremely easy to do because the needs of each group were already obvious to me. I made a great offer for presentation videos, advertising animated banners, design groups on promotions for different social networks, structured the price of retail sales and formed several service packages.

And then – a matter of technique! I just offered each client in each group their new service offerings. Guys, it really is a miracle! My sales simply shot up by 300 percent! And this is not the end, since I only handled a small portion of my contacts!

My conclusions:

The systematization of contacts gives a completely new vision and understanding of further interaction with customers. It also gives you the opportunity to analyze and correct your typical mistakes.

By systematizing my contacts I could clearly see how many clients I had missed out on because there were no reminders to contact them later or good contacts were simply lost in the conversation flow.