Graphic design trends that have lost their relevance and their replacements

Graphic design is subject to fashion trends that tend to both rise and fall. These transitions are justified by both user interest and trends in technology development. In the midst of growing competition in graphic design, understanding shifts in sentiment is one of the most important moments of success in the fight for user attention. In this material we will talk about the three components of any design, the outgoing trends of their performance and replacements that are already popular this year. Examples to illustrate the use of trends will be taken from the popular visual network Instagram.


The compositional construction of a design is an important aspect of its perception, understanding and delivery of an idea or emotion. Fashionable at one time vintage style is gradually leaving the focus of design compositions. It is distinguished by its considerable attention to detail, the complexity of visual construction, handwritten typefaces and ornate ornamentation.

For example, many works of illustrator and designer Lorenzo Petrantoni are inspired by the style typical for retro signs of the 19th century. His signature style is a collage of vintage fonts, distinctive ornaments, simple custom drawings and single photographs.

The postulate of graphic design in 2019 in terms of composition was the slogan “less is better” and was replaced by a variety of elements by object minimalism and single-sided compositional figures. The principles of the style are as simple as the design direction itself.

  • Keep it simple.
  • Leave free rein to your imagination.
  • Maintain balance

The design of the accounts of the famous coffee giant Starbuks and thebrandingcollective designers is a vivid confirmation of the visual power of minimalism.

If we talk about custom illustrations in general, a simplified style of execution has replaced realism. 3D graphics and primitivism of illustrations are in fashion, and besides isometric drawings, the principle of which is the desire for a visual 3D effect of 2D images, realized at the expense of shadows, vectors of the picture.

For example, the business publication Fast Company uses isometric compositions in its publications, and on the pages of the account of the artist Nick Slater, who worked for The Washington Post and Slack, one can find author’s pictures in the style of primitivism.


Color is a special component of design, which is often used to reflect the corporate color scheme or a single color scheme in order to secure the user’s visual association with a brand or personality. Despite the dominance of minimalism, black and white color schemes and simple pale photo filters give way to bright, unusual color combinations and transitions.

The direction of bright minimalism in which the object and the background contrast, or even enter into dissonance, in view of the chosen extraordinary combination of colors, in 2019, as never before are relevant. It is also used by famous companies in the design of the business account – Sberbank, users for personal pages, for example, the famous director Wes Anderson.

Along with unusual color schemes, gradients, which began their ascent back in 2018, have established themselves in fashion. They can be used everywhere – from backgrounds to fonts, they are relevant even as filters for photos or illustrations – duotones. For those not in the know, a duotone is an overlay of bright colors on a monochrome image, resulting in shades and transitions not from a black and white combination, but in a different color scheme.

The music company Spotify often uses duotones in its publications, thus giving originality to quite ordinary images. And the online service PicMonkey creates unusual and vivid color transitions in simple photos.

A bonus for color combinations inspiration are the accounts of designer DesignSeeds and the service Canva, which break down the photo into usable shades.


The importance of lettering style is hard to overestimate, and although it’s not used everywhere, in many designs it’s the font that plays a fundamental role. Complex font combinations, which in recent years have been used everywhere from posters, to labels, are receding into the background, giving way to the simpler trend of monotype.

The visual simplicity of using a single typeface helps focus the user’s attention on the information, further strengthening the connection between the typeface and the brand. Designers in 2019 favor catchy bold typefaces, but of course, don’t forget about uncomplicated handwritten fonts.

For example, the brand Tommy Hilfinger in its advertising uses bold fonts, and the master of lettering David Milan gives preference to clear author’s handwritten style.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the change of trends is an endless process and to keep track of all the hard, but the basis for their emergence and extinction – the opinion of users, the trend companies flagship of graphic design. Therefore, to follow them and understand the direction of development, adopting the positive experience and learning from others’ mistakes, definitely worth it. However, among all the trends unchanged is one – the individuality, the inspiration for which each designer can find in himself.