What to choose? Free WordPress templates or paid premium themes

In this article, I tried to compare what’s better – a free wordpress template or a paid premium wordpress theme. Both have their obvious pros and cons. By free templates I mean exactly those templates that designers deliberately make free and absolutely legally offer to download to anyone. I evaluated the merits of each on a five-point system on several characteristics. Let’s see what came out of it.

Availability to user

Free – 5, Premium – 2.
By this indicator the free template is clearly in the lead. Since the premium theme is still to be bought. Especially since the practice of buying online has not yet become an everyday occurrence for us. And the free theme is just enough to download and you can already install it.

Quality of execution

Free – 5, Premium – 5.
Here I do not see an obvious difference between paid and free. Since free templates are usually made by the same webmasters as paid. And there, and there are almost always skill level.

The exclusivity of the template

Free – 1, Premium – 3.
And this is a characteristic I hate free templates. I really get frustrated when I can not immediately identify whose site is made on a freeshny template. You can’t remember all the domain names by heart. There have been times when I thought I was reading a blog I knew, but it turned out to be a completely different blog. Premium templates are also not completely exclusive, but still, they are not as common as free.

Postprodge support

Free – 1, Premium – 5.
Here, too, leading premium themes, because the webmaster who sold the topic, vested interest in the buyer does not abandon the purchase. Therefore, any question of the buyer of the template is solved immediately. The owners of free themes are practically deprived of such service. And in general, it is just a sign of good manners to help those who bought your pattern.

Template design

Free – 5, Premium – 5.
Registration and free and paid themes, as a rule, is at the proper level. All made very carefully and knowledgeably, people who are well versed in creating WordPress templates. Naturally I am referring to the Western webmasters, as freesh templates from domestic designers I have not seen. Unfortunately, it is not profitable in our country, because links to the site designer immediately removed from the template.

Innovation and creativity

Free – 3, Premium – 5.
Premium templates sometimes remind me of an exhibition of advanced technology. Premium themes – this is the same platform on which there are new trends in web design. In order to sell a premium theme on specialized sites, it is necessary to undergo strict moderation. And this encourages you to use the latest fads. You can come across really unique things in terms of execution. That’s why premium templates are in the lead here.

Customization by users

Free – 3, Premium – 5.
Sometimes, the premium template is a constructor, which the user collects for himself. Here and a few color schemes, and a few layout options, and sets of accompanying design elements, and a variety of fonts. Free templates, of course, inferior in this respect.

Specialization of templates

Free – 2, Premium – 5.
Free templates are mainly made for personal blogs, portfolios, online magazines, corporate sites. Premium themes have a deeper specialization. You can choose templates for a certain category, such as child site, a template for the travel site or restaurant.

SEO optimization of the template

Free – 3, Premium – 4.
I can not say that the premium templates are clearly well geared for SEO, but I know that SEO optimization is paid a lot of attention by webmasters. Valid layout, literate code, prescribed meta tags, alt and picture titles – all this is present. Freech topics are concerned with optimization to a lesser extent. Although I could be wrong.

Compatibility with updates WP

Free – 3, Premium – 4.
Now the updates of WordPress is not so scary. But some revolutionary updates have left many free wordpress themes that do not support updated wordpress. This is where you either change the theme or stay on the downgraded version of WordPress. With premium themes, I know, most of the time webmasters immediately released an updatable version of the WordPress template.


So, despite the subjectivity of my assessments, the scales are still significantly inclined towards the paid wordpress theme. The benefit here is obvious on several counts. However, free themes are not neglected. If only because they are readily available and very easy to change when you get tired of the theme.

Probably at the initial stage of blog development it makes sense to use a free theme. Because now a lot of interesting and high-quality free WordPress templates. Well, then, when the site will grow, it is better to get your own face on the Internet. Speak your opinion on the subject.

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