With the arrival of a new year, we’re always trying to predict what will be the most popular in the future. Which techniques and methods will soar to design heights, and which will fall into oblivion. 2021 has been a strange year, to say the least. Blockchains, self-isolation, lockdowns, and remote control all enriched our reality in ways never seen before. People and companies have had to adapt extremely quickly and learn to identify customer needs literally on the fly. Some basic trends remain the same – easy navigation, high speed, increased data security. And all of the graphic design trends listed below help to use the visual component to enhance the impact on the potential customer. Plus, the development of high-tech and software makes this process exciting and unconventional. Let’s take a look!

3d design

This trend is not new. But, it should be noted that in the past year, he became really cool. This is mainly due to technological development and advances in modern software. That still will be! 

Nature’s design

Inspiration for nature is expressed in a gravitation toward softer, natural lighting, earthy colors and shades, natural gradients. And also in the use of natural objects in the composition. 

Optical illusions

When your brain is confronted with an inexplicable spatial construct, what do you think you’ll do? Turn away and immediately shift your attention or spend your time staring and trying to make sense of it. We all know the answer. 

3d typography

Throughout 2021, designers have used every unimaginable spatial opportunity to make text original and three-dimensional. But the resources of variations in 3d typography are far from exhausted. Therefore, in the current year we will see new impressive works. 

Illustrations in design

The use of original illustrations is a great way to stand out among the endless similarity of similar pictures. The key to success is clean lines and minimalistic execution. 

A complex geometry of forms

It seems that the peak of this trend is expected exactly in 2021. The essence of the trend is to use separate figures to create a more complex, multi-level geometry. 

Typographic Chaos

Through this trend Art Nouveau, aka Art Nouveau, sends us hello from the beginning of the last century. Plastic decorative typography woven into ornamentation or composition are recognizable signs of this trend. 

Colorless design

There’s something soothing and homely about the absence of color in a colorful world. Undoubtedly, bright, bold, saturated colors are one of the most obvious ways to get attention. But it’s entirely possible that in 2021, the trend will swing in the opposite direction.