7 Psychological Types of Designers According to the WebDesigner Depot

Experts from the authoritative Webdesigner Depot believe that each designer has its own psychological type. Based on the basic qualities and character traits of famous people, they identified seven basic types of designers. Each type contains the most striking and extreme traits, and each of us has a little of each type in us. Everyone has their own perceptual traits and pain points.

As well as strengths and obvious advantages.

Which type best describes you? Do you recognize yourself?

1/ Pablo Picasso

Extremely selfish type. He has no interest in other people’s opinions, in fact, he despises many for their ignorance and indiscriminateness in design and art. He is intelligent and has principled convictions that no amount of money can shake. He does not give in to his clients’ whims and believes it is better to lose a client than to make concessions. Listens only to the opinion of fellow designers with name and authority. Sees himself first and foremost as an artist.

2/ Albert Einstein

Very clever man, life credo – “You can’t get the fish out of the pond without work. If something fails, he will try again and again. Despite countless failures, he is tirelessly moving towards the goal. He loves to participate in all kinds of competitions, believing that at some point, luck will smile on him and everyone will appreciate his talent. His strong belief in himself helps him patiently wait for the day when his efforts will be rewarded.

3/ David Copperfield

A great illusionist and storyteller. Capable of many seemingly impossible things. He was able to get the most profitable clients, convincing them that he was just what they need. He is not cheap, but his services are very expensive. He is an excellent storyteller with a gift for persuasion. However, all of his illusions calculated to the second and implemented the work and efforts of the team behind such a designer, and he just skillfully managed the whole process.

4/ Captain Hook

Why create something when you can use the results of other people’s labors. Cunning and slyness are his main trump cards of this pirate designer. He successfully monitors the innovative and successful projects and, masterfully avoiding direct plagiarism, brings a few fresh ideas to the status of “new concept”. Making small changes, stamping his successful projects. Striving to make as much money as possible. Losing clients, he does not get upset, but recruits new ones who do not yet know his tricks.

5/ Mahatma Gandhi

This designer sincerely believes that he must change the world of design for the better. He feels empowered to change existing web standards, regardless of the difficulties and detractors. Designers of this type tend to appeal to the general public to support their endeavors. Possesses well-developed logic, has a good sense of trends, and is willing to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the design industry.

6/ Shy Dwarf

Constantly avoids attention and likes to be in the shadows. Always confident that he could do an even better job. When praised, he starts apologizing shyly to his colleagues. He is talented but prefers to stay behind the scenes and let others take all the credit and recognition. He does not aspire to fame or fortune. He is sure that as long as there is a roof over his head and any wealth, then in life all is not bad.

7/ Ella of the Frell Realm

The fairytale princess Ella from the kingdom of Frell, because of a spell cast on her, could not say no to anyone. Designers belonging to this psychological type also cannot say no to a client for anything. Believing that the client is always right, they comply with all customer requests, sometimes even initially absurd. In fact, the client can never complain about anything, because all their wishes are fulfilled. They often ignore common sense.