20 Characteristics of Modern Landing Pages with Examples

Due to the general commercialization and development of online commerce on the modern Internet, the so-called landing page has acquired special relevance.

Other names – landing page, sales page, landing page or entry point. In essence, this is a web page of an advertising nature, which contains information about a product or service, and aims to induce the visitor to take some action. For each landing page, creates an appropriate advertising campaign to ensure its presence in SERPs for relevant search queries.

Also, the methods of promotion of a landing page can include advertising in social networks, mailing lists, promotional banners and ads. Let’s take a closer look at what makes up a modern landing page.

1/ Call to action

After visiting the landing page the user must clearly understand which action (call to action) he is invited to perform. This may be an action such as to download, order, buy, test, register, subscribe, send information.

2/ A description of the product, item, service or action

Particular attention is paid to a simple, clear and understandable description of the product, service or other advertised object or action. No long phrases and sentences. Only short accents on advantageous features and a few explanatory details.

3/ One-page layout with soft scrolling

The best way to present the information on the landing page is a one-page site, where all the necessary data is presented close to each other. In this case, the user does not have to navigate to other pages, and thus wait to load. And the method with soft scrolling down will take the user to any menu item.

4/ Convenient form to fill out

Friendly, attractive, and most importantly extremely clear and generally customary form to fill out should help the user to make the very effort, for the sake of which, in fact, conceived the creation of a landing page.

5/ A clear list of the benefits of this product

To these methods of persuasion can include actions such as visualization was-still before and after use, or ease of use or application, or the visual benefits in comparison with competitors, or the effect of the advertised actions.

6/ Opinions from experts and grateful customers

A first-person statement is a strong method of persuasion and inclines the user to join an authoritative opinion or simply to share a happy emotion. First-person statements can be made by experts, team members, employees, as well as satisfied product owners, participants, users and other happy bystanders.

7/ Contrasting color scroll bars

Contrasting design scheme in the form of color bars clearly divides the content into semantic components and helps visualize the material, creating a sense of leafing pages.

8/ Active large block headers

Headlines should be large, readable and accentuated. They essentially perform the same function – clearly structure the content and help the user navigate the page. Fonts are usually used chopped sans serif in poster style.

9/ Plenty of free space

Almost all successfully designed landing pages unites the sprawling design and the presence of a large amount of free space. All logical blocks are distant enough from each other so that there is no feeling of crowding and cramped space.

10/ Clever navigation

Intelligent navigation in conjunction with a clever arrangement of blocks and free space should direct the movement of the user’s eye. For this purpose, all sorts of horizontal, vertical or inclined lines, as well as all kinds of arrows and pointers are well suited.

11/ The use of icons and impressive images

To make the page looked tasty and attractive to use good, high quality pictures, impressive impact on the visitor. Well, in the spirit of modern web design trends is customary to visualize the information through all kinds of icons and icons.

12/ Various bonuses and promotions

The presence of information about various bonuses and promotions also stimulates the visitor to take some action, as creates a kind of excitement, a sense of movement and partly provides a choice.

13/ Visible counters

Demonstrative counters can include any quantitative data, whether it be the number of days remaining until the end of an action, the number of visitors or downloads, or just publicly available information about likes on social networks.

14/ Active button in the header

Often in many paging “Buy” or “Order” button placed at the very top of the header next to the contact phone number. Sama button necessarily bright and contrast.

15/ Contact information and location

A block with contact information and a route map or location is often one of the most expressive functional blocks.

16/ Contact form for additional questions and FAQs

Special attention on landing pages is given to keeping the visitor informed. For this purpose, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) block or a ready-made dialog form for direct online contact with an operator or manager is ideal. In either case, the visitor should get an answer to his question.

17/ Visual tariff plans

Visualized price plans in the form of columns with different characteristics for comparison, price, and Buy or Order button is an ideal way to present the important data about your product or service.

18/ Portfolio and examples of work

Thanks to the capabilities of modern web design, you can put your portfolio in a visually rich and engaging block which tells you exactly what you’re dealing with.

19/ Built-in Google Analytics

Since the aim of landing page as a marketing tool – is to induce visitors to take a specific action, namely to achieve the highest possible conversion (ie, the ratio of visitors who took action to the total number of those who viewed the page), the presence of Google Analytics will be a significant help in analyzing user behavior.

20/ SEO-oriented layout

With regard to SEO optimization, it includes a valid layout with the proper use of tags H1 … 6, divs, prescribed titles and meta tags. It is also important to pay attention to loading speed and optimization for different browsers, as well as adaptability for mobile devices.